We love good stories. We believe that if you get a good interview, there is no need for a host or heavy editing. We have conversations that last longer than 15 seconds. We listen to more than 10 seconds of a song. There are interesting people living right near you and we want them to tell their stories. We want to hear it from the source.

TAPEdocs is audio documentaries recorded by us and lovingly produced in our home studios.

John Perotti

John has been working in public radio for nearly 10 years for WBUR and NPR's Only A Game and for NPR's Car Talk. He has also spent the last six years as a design assistant at the guitar-effects company Klon. He is a bike commuter, and a proud cat owner.

Tim Skoog

Tim has been working in public radio longer than John and enjoys a good story, no matter what it's about. He also shares the honor of having the same initials as the Radio Shack computer, TRS-80.

Gretchen Gavett

Gretchen is an associate editor at the Harvard Business Review and a former associate producer for digital media at PBS Frontline. She is also a contributing editor at Longform.org. She enjoys crime reporting, photography and cheese.


Ken Shulman

Ken is a veteran print and broadcast journalist and regular contributor to various National Public Radio shows. Much to his dismay, his doctor recently suggested he give up waterskiing.